About us

Teilch is a technology company that develops intelligent air quality solutions for a wide range of controlled environments. It was founded by leading engineers in the areas of Optics, Electronics and Technology Businesses that bring 50 combined years of experience in Aerospace Engineering, Semiconductor Industries and Wafer micro-contamination control. Teilch’s goal is to help its clients achieve new levels of understanding of their working environment and meet the highest cleanliness regulations by building the most advanced monitoring and control systems.

Today, Teilch has introduced to the market the most competitive airborne particle analyzers as well as cutting-edge hybrid sensor systems that provide meaningful insights, equipping customers with relevant data and systems not offered by traditional monitoring systems. Teilch has supplied solutions to the semiconductor sector, the healthcare industries, and Science & Technology research laboratories. Learn more about what makes Teilch’s solutions different from other models on the market.

About our Products

  • We design, develop assemble, calibrate and test all our products in Sunnyvale, California.
  • Circuit boards and critical components are manufactured and assembled in the USA.
  • Metal parts, sensors, cases and other parts are manufactured in our own facility in the Philippines (technoclean.com).
  • All critical components are cleaned in our 360m2 Class 10 Cleanroom.