Non-Destructive Particle Monitoring

PARTi provides a complete solution for non-destructive surface particle monitoring of consumables, parts and cleanroom apparel.


  • Non destructive test of particle level on various materials and parts
  • Displays particle particles from 100nm to 25µm
  • Monitors the particle count evolution as a function of time
  • Cleanliness of parts and materials
  • Only clean air & electricity required for operation
  • Electro polished stainless steel chamber

Monitor Surface Particles

  • Silicon wafers
  • Disks holders
  • Carriers
  • Plastic cassettes, trays and other parts
  • Cleanroom garments
  • Cleanroom Consumables


  • Chamber: 420mm x 420mm x 420mm (Opening 280mm x 240mm)
  • Overall: 1,550mm (h) x 1,300mm (w) x 500mm (d)