Manuals and Guides

TCH Pro 202 and 203: Firmware Upgrade Procedure:

– Download and uncompress the latest firmware for your unit

– Press and hold Power button

– Press Reset button with a paper clip. For button location, see Quick Start Guide.

– Release Power Button. You should now see the Firmware Upgrade Screen. If you do not see this screen,  press Power and Reset buttons simultaneously again.

– Connect Particle Analyzer to PC with USB cable

– Open Windows Firmware Update Tool and follow on-screen instructions

– Power button is disabled in upgrade mode. To restart the unit without upgrading, press Reset button.


– Latest release for Bootloader v2.0

– Added runtime log

– Added support for extra calibration parameters

– Modified pump operation for repeated sampling

– Upgraded USB libraries

– Minor bug fixes

– Latest release for Bootloader v3.2

– Minor bug fixes for routines during sleep mode (unit off)